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I am someone who really enjoys going out to eat and experiencing new restaurants and environments. This past Friday I had friends visiting from Baltimore. Myself and my other friends in Arlington, who were going to join us on Friday night, spent a long time researching fun new places to go for dinner and drinks. Finally, we decided on EatBar after some debate. A few people I knew had gone there previously and had recommended it so we figured why not after looking into the menu.

I was apprehensive at first because the menu is small and I knew there was not a lot of parking available. But man oh man…was I wrong about everything!! I called earlier on in the day on Friday to make sure that they didn’t take reservations, since there was 5 of us, (they don’t) and just to ask about parking. A really helpful man informed me about their parking lot, street parking, AND that after 6 you can park across the street at the cleaners – who knew!! So my fear was erased.

We got to EatBar around 8pm and were worried about the wait. There was none (which after eating the food, drinking the drinks, and the overall environment we did not understand). This restaurant is nothing short of a scene out of Sex and the City or something you would expect in Manhattan. It is a lounge which is decorated fabulously and the whole environment is this trendy relaxed “take a load off” scene. There was a fake fire going on a huge flat screen TV in the front room, which houses the bar and some booths, nooks and crannies (very cozy). We sat in the back which was full on lounge style. U shaped couches all around, some bar tables and stools, and another bar area. We loved the ambiance.

Now onto the BEST part of the place (and this is saying a lot because the environment and feel of the whole place was great!)…the food and drinks!! We were all in a very relaxed mood, so everyone got wine and beer. The men got their pumpkin beer and they raved about how delicious it was. The ladies all got different types of wine, their selection is plentiful, and all the wines were delicious.

The menu is small…but do NOT let this fool you. Everything on the menu is amazing. It is tapas style so we decided to all get 2-3 plates and share. They have amazing “sliders” which are very very reasonably priced…they are bigger than your typical sliders and we tried all of them! Each slider was more amazing than the next. The lamb and pork ones were definitely the man favorites of the group. I tried the fried green tomato slider (first time trying a fried green tomato- been missing out!) and it was amazing. The batter was incredible…honestly my mouth is watering thinking about it. We also tried the chicken croquettes, corn bread, and the bang bang broccoli. Truthfully, each dish was better than the last. The broccoli was in a sweet and sour chili sauce and fried (I know…), it was different and savory. We all loved it. The corn bread was HUGE; we got 2 orders and could barely finish them. Every single plate was larger than your typical tapas plate and incredibly reasonably priced (might even say on the cheap side for the type of food they are offering).

I will ABSOLUTELY be going back to EatBar. I’ve already informed my friends and family that I will be taking them here when they come visit. The website link is below…if you are in the Arlington area you MUST swing by here. It is going to be our next girl’s night out and I cannot wait for more reasons to go here. What a hidden gem!!



Northside Social

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For the past few months I have really enjoyed exploring new places in the NoVa area. I was recently chatting with a good friend of mine, Courtney, about how coffee shops are probably one of my happy places. She mentioned this very trendy little coffee shop she goes to in the Arlington area called Northside Social. One random day, in the beginning of the semester and pre-externship, I had some free time and wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. Courtney explained how to find the coffee shop, so I took myself on a date.

I was able to sit outside (inside and outside are both really nicely decorated), had to fight a very hipster looking couple for the last table .This place is ADORABLE. The coffee (slightly over-priced but hey, we all pay for Starbucks, and I’m a latte girl so it may just be my choices) was delicious but the environment is what got me! There is a huge variety of baked goods – from hearty to sweet- and food options to choose from. I was just looking for a snack and indulged in a corn and jalapeno muffin (amazing) and an iced jasmine green tea. Both were really good and the muffin was not as heavy as you would imagine. The other few times I’ve been there, I’ve tried their iced caramel coffee, hot vanilla latte, and their smoked salmon sandwich. All of the above have been incredible. Seriously, this place has yet to disappoint. Also, I absolutely love that they use local teas and milk, makes you feel better about where you chose to spend some moolah.


There is usually an array of people from business people making calls, students doing work, and friends meeting for coffee and lunch dates. It has a great ambiance and their decorations are fun too. Right now they are ready for Halloween and it is really enticing! The place is super hipster and the music downstairs is “medium” loud, but upstairs is great for work (Courtney and I have made this place a Friday tradition to catch up on work).
Also, we have yet to check this out but I am in no way ruling it out! They have a 5pm $5 wine happy hour…nothing bad about that. I think this would be a really fun idea for a girl’s night out- I just got the idea to plan this once this semester is over. Thanks blog.

Here is their website so you can check it out directly and see how versatile their menu is. If you’re in the NoVa area or just looking for a new spot, I highly suggest Northside Social. I’m already dreading moving from this area (in 8 months…. Jumping the gun) because I will really miss this place!



Japanese Grocery Store- DC <3 Olivia

This place is awesome and if you live in DC I suggest visiting to buy some unique, inexpensive groceries and/or just to admire its cuteness.
Hana Japanese Market sits right on the corner of 17th and P st. in NW DC. The place is covered with awesome japanese candies and soda pops that have the cutest packaging. The place also sells rice, soy sauce, sauces, wonton papers, etc at good prices and you cannot always find these things at a regular store. Every thursday the market also gets a delivery of fresh vegetables like bok choy- and they are super cheap! Whether or not you want to stock your cabinets it is a really fun place to go 🙂