Quick Gift Idea

With the holidays fast approaching, people are constantly searching for easy gift ideas. This one is super easy and cheap (for us grad school students or just the savvy shoppers). Here’s what you’ll need:
4 small boxes of chocolate (you could do homemade cookies or small knick knacks too- fill with what you’d like)
1 bag of tissue paper
1 ribbon roll
“Thank you” or Holiday print outs
Hole punch

First think I did was find the print outs online. I simply Googled Thank you printouts and this image came up under images.

After printing them, I cut them out and used the hole punch to make a hole in the top left corner. Then I wrote my notes on the back.
Then, I took 2 pieces of the tissue paper and placed them diagonally on top on each other. I put 2 boxes of chocolates (or cookies or toys or what have you) in the middle stacked on top of one another.
After, I scrunched up one tissue paper then the other one around it. This will make it look “puffier” (is that a word?). Then I scrunched up the part right above the chocolates and made these look like little flowers.

Set to the side, they’ll hold their shape. I cut the ribbon pieces are big as I wanted to and put the ribbon through “thank you “ note where you punched a hole.
Last I tied the ribbon in a bow around the scrunched up part of the tissue paper. VOILA!

Looks super fancy but its super easy to do. Your friends, coworkers, family members will all love it!
Happy Holidays!