Hey Olivia and Ena here! This is our DC-based blog all about food, cooking, DIY crafts, fashion, and all things fun and pretty. I want to thank my friend Andrew Ghosh for making this blog! Here is a little more about us…


My name is Olivia. I am a graduate student (done in May 2014!) studying Speech and Language Pathology in DC. I grew up in NJ,  #1 state. I love to cook, bake, make crafts, eat, eat, watch movies, buy clothes…. play with my golden retriever, and a lot of other things! I am really excited to be able to share my recipes (a lot of inspiration comes from Pinterest) and crafting ideas. Most of my family is Sicilian Italian and I love pastas and bread… but I make all different kinds of recipes so there is something for everyone here! I hope you enjoy reading 🙂


Hi food, craft, and fashion loving friends! This is your co-pilot Ena speaking (pronounced like Jenna, without the “J” :-)). Olivia and I met when we both entered our Master’s program for Speech and Language Pathology in DC. I am originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia but have been living in Baltimore, MD – GO RAVENS- since I was wee lass. I am currently absolutely loving exploring the DC and the NoVa area. Ever since I can remember I’ve been in and out of the kitchen baking- my parents weren’t sure if this stemmed either from my love of all things sugar or from my love of cooking. Fast forward to graduate school and a much needed stress reliever, we come to find out it was really from my love of cooking. Like Olivia, I use Pinterest to inspire many of my creations. Being a “not so well off YET” graduate student, I don’t always have everything I need for all the recipes in my kitchen so I improvise…a lot! I am pretty ambitious and take a stab (no pun intended) at a lot of different foods. Enjoy and feel free to post if you try to make one of our recipes! We’d love to see how it turned out!

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