Bosnian Przenice



Okay friends, this is my first Bosnian recipe on the blog (I believe) and it’s basically our version of French toast minus the cinnamon. It’s so delicious and if you have bread that is hard and you’re about to throw away, do this for breakfast or brunch instead and save it!! Here’s what you’ll need:

Olive oil

Notice I didn’t put amount in there because it varies! I just wanted to make 4 pieces, so I used 4 pieces of bread and 1 egg. I would say that for every 3-4 pieces you need an egg!

Cut up your bread so it is a little bit thinner than Texas Toast.


In a bowl, beat your egg, add a splash (JUST a splash of milk) and a splash of salt and pepper.

In a skillet, add in a splash of olive oil (enough to coat the pan). Turn the stove top on medium.

When the oil is hot, take your bread slices and dip both sides in the egg mixture.


Place on the skillet and fry each side of the bread for about 3-4 minutes. Don’t over crowd the pan!


Place on a paper towel when done to let the extra oil drip off.

If you don’t know by now, I’m about to tell you- breakfast and brunch are my FAVORITE meals! This is an easy way to make yourself feel like you did something fun for yourself or friends or significant other. I fried an egg and made a sandwich! I also added avocado too J NOMMMMM! These are amazing as sandwich bread, with soup, with a meal, and on their own with a little bit of any kind of spread. Because they are neutral tasting, I’ve eaten these with everything from jam to an egg sandwich. Seriously, these are so delish. Surprise someone and make these for breakfast or brunch this weekend. They will think you slaved!




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