Amazing Product Alert- Sweater Shaver <3 Olivia

photo 1
The idea of a sweater shaver is a little weird… BUT I really do not like pilling on clothing. Well, I don’t think anyone really LIKES pilling, but I find it to by a major fashion faux pas. Your look can go from cute to frumpy and cheap looking once a shirt/sweater/leggings develops those nasty pills. In the past I had tried to literally shave off pills, and it did not work and usually cut my clothing. There are cheap sweater shavers available, and they might work, but after reading many, many reviews online I decided to order the Izumi Sweater Shaver ($49.95 on The price is a little steep, but I have already restored 4 sweaters and 1 pair of leggings that I still really like but could not wear before without looking like a hot mess due to excessive pill-age–so I think it is worth the investment.

The Izumi works so well! My garments are (almost) like new! I have been able to keep several sweaters that were about to be chucked, and saved myself the money of needing to invest in new sweaters. Check out that massive pile of pilly-fluff that I removed from my beige sweater. Feels so productive.
photo 2
Before and After on a black sweater… I previously had worn this sweater to work and once I looked at it under the fluorescent work lights I was pretty horrified with how crappy it looked. Now, it is great and I can keep wearing this piece!
Anyway, my experience with this product, and just knowing that this kind of product exists in general, has been really positive so I wanted to share.
❤ Olivia

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