Mango Fruit Leathers <3 Olivia

I love bringing dried fruit snacks with me to work because they are easy to eat on the go and pretty good for you. The bad thing with some of the store bought fruit leathers is 1. they are expensive 2. although they are fruit and often advertised as serving as a fruit serving, they are processed and often devoid of a lot of the nutrients that make fresh fruit so good for you. These mango leathers are simple to make (but you do need a food processor or blender) and full of natural goodness. It takes a long time to dry them out in the oven so you want to do this when you will be home for 3-6 hours. It is a sweet snack you can feel good about eating, and it is also pretty satisfying to make your own fruit leather! Mango is easy because no additives are needed. It is possible to make all sorts of fruit leathers but some fruits require honey, etc to be added in. I will experiment with those in the future. For now…

Mango Fruit Leathers

– 2-3 very ripe mangoes
– Parchment paper
That’s it!

You want to set your oven to the lowest possible temperature, or WARM, depending on the settings you have. My oven goes to 250 (too hot for this!) and then warm. For this recipe you want the oven to be approx. 150 degrees, so I used the WARM setting on my oven.

1. Start off by cutting your mango to cut the most fruit out of it as possible. Everyone cuts mangoes differently, I typically do this –>

2. Once your mango is cut into pieces throw it all into the food processor/blender. Process that until you reach a puree consistency (ok that reminds me of swallowing recommendations for dysphagia…) Anyway, once you have reached that consistency you are ready for the next step.

3. Line a baking pan with parchment and pour out the mango puree onto the parchment. The tough part here is to really smooth out the mango so it is even across the whole pan. You want the layer to be thin, approx. an 1/8 of an inch.
The puree is NOT smooth enough here, but just to give you a general idea of what you should be working with. It is ok to keep it slightly thicker on the edges because they will dry a tad bit faster.

4. Once the puree is all smoothed out you can carefully place the pan in the oven. Cooking time varies from about 3-6 hours so you will want to check the leathers every so often. When they are done they will smooth, solid, yet sort of soft and a little sticky. You will be able to easily peel up the edges. You want the leather to come off clean, if there is puree still coating the parchment your leathers probably are not done yet. Check often because these will not taste good burnt!

5. When they are done take them out of the oven and slice them up. I kept them rolled in parchment or wax paper so they did not stick to anything and were ready to go with me to work.

Enjoy ❤ Olivia

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